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Conducting International UX Research

Having conducted several international UX research studies over the past few years, I decided to write a series of articles providing advice on how to conduct international UX research. The basics are the same as conducting research in your own country, but the international aspect presents some challenges.

In Part One, I discuss how to determine whether you should conduct the sessions yourself or whether you should hire a local moderator. That decision comes down to whether you speak the participants’ language, whether you’ll have participants in the session who speak more than one language, whether the country’s culture is very different from yours, your research goals, and your budget. I also provide advice on how to determine whether to conduct the research in-person or remotely. Finally, I give tips on hiring a local moderator and translator.

Check it out on UXmatters: Advice for Conducting International UX Research, Part 1.

Language Variety” by nofrills is licensed under CC BY 2.0